Monday, December 7, 2009

Fall Trees

This lesson presents students with a challenge to create balance between positive and negative space in their composition. First, we cut up pieces of cardboard we had lying around. Then, students added torn strips of masking tape to create a tree-like design on their cardboard. We then sponge-painted fall colors on top of our tape and cardboard. The following class, we ripped off the tape to reveal a tree form and added white and black charcoal for highlights and shadows on our trees. Students were pleased to see how "realistic" their trees turned out.

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Jeanette Nyberg said...

Hi Kallie,

I just found this awesome post through Pinterest. I am putting together a round up of some of my favorite Fall art projects, and I'm wondering if you'd let me include yours? I would include the image with a link back here so people could read how it is done.

Thanks! I'm at